Friday, March 20, 2015

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Make learning more engaging

As summer vacations approaches, kids can’t wait to hit the beach or travel somewhere with their families and / or friends. Very few are eager to study, and many don’t realize that you can combine both work and play beyond the classroom.

Taking learning outside of the classroom is a proven method to increase productivity and understanding, especially in younger kids. Experiential learning contextualizes the focus of the teaching subject. At Hi New York we practice this on all our English courses for children.

Making learning relevant

Young kids are fascinated by new places and new things; they have a natural curiosity which if fed, will manifest itself into the child beginning to better understand the world around him/her.

Taking learning outside of the classroom can let kids’ imaginations fly. Instead of learning about castl
es, let them go to one and re-enact stories and learn by creating. With this method of teaching, kids’ learning comes as a bi-product of them having fun and creating a memorable experience.

It’s amazing how much kids can learn through playing. If you can weave in the lessons and the facts with learning from their own initiative they will remember much more and learn faster.

Teaching English with the experiential approach makes the learning engaging and relevant. It doesn’t over complicate the teaching with grammar which can be hard to grasp at a young age, especially if English is not a first language. English in a practical outdoors sense can be the first step to developing their language skills.

Practical and experiential learning through play doesn’t focus teaching down to a specific syllabus. It can encompass many subjects and let kids try new experiences that can inspire them and help reach their full potential.

Life skills

Learning outside helps kids become aware of the world around them and teach important life skills such as taking on responsibility or improving their ability to engage with adults and one another. A practical understanding of the world can help put learning into perspective.

Experiential learning can not only build language skills but can also help shape kids’ future career paths. It may expose a talent, skill or interest in a field that may turn into a lifelong passion.

It’s a wide world

Every city is an exciting new adventure and has an abundance of things to learn when discovering them. New York City has a rich and extensive history and culture to explore. The tales behind the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Islands, the science behind nature’s furies at the Natural History Museum and the baseball fields and zoo in Central Park.

The kids can learn about the culture and history behind this iconic American city while absorbing the English that is being spoken all round them. Taking learning outside is the perfect way for kids to learn, play and be happy.

When education is fun, the learning experience is more memorable and the impact more lasting.  The memories of using New York City as an English language classroom will stay with them forever.