Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Hey There Summer!

It's a Small World After All

As the voices of nations and groups rejecting "outsiders" grow louder all around us, the young students who come together to learn English on the Upper East Side only know that they like to play with each other.  To the Jewish girl from Berlin, a Muslim boy from Istanbul and a Catholic boy from Modena, there are no lines they shouldn't cross.  They fish (one even caught something - finally!) together, they play hang man together, and they whiz through the hall of mirrors together.  We can only wonder at the beauty of the friendships formed and hope that each of them keeps some of these memories with them into adulthood.

Glorious Food (and Drink)!

There have been many firsts for our teen students during the past few weeks.  The first soup dumplings and lycees in Chinatown.  The first bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon on the Lower East Side.  The first ginger ale and cherry soda - again on the Lower East Side.  The first Nathan's hot dog on Coney Island.  The first American pizza slice in Brooklyn. 

And then there are the old favorites.  Chocolate chip cookies.  Oreos. Donuts.  Yum yum!

So Very Different from Home

We always find it interesting to discuss the similarities and differences between cities.  When compared to Tokyo and Moscow, the people are more diverse in NYC, but the subways/metros and buildings feel about the same. When compared to Villadolid, everything is different.  The buildings are taller, the streets are wider, and there is much more diversity in the people and food in NYC.  Maria, Keiko and Dimitry, however, prefer home.  NYC is a great place to visit, but...