Friday, September 27, 2019

My Life at Home

My Morning Routine

I'm going to talk about my morning routine.  My mornings start at 6:00am.  If I could, I would wake up later, but I can't.  "Why" you might ask.  Because of my siblings!  I live really close to my school, but I always arrive late at school.

I wake up, get dressed, have a bath and brush my teeth.  I do this all really quickly, but then, just when I am finished, my sister wakes up.  She is really lazy.  I have to help my little brother get ready too.

I have to make breakfast, and my sister eats really slowly, which makes us leave the house at 7:45am.  I still have to get my little brother to school.  OMG!  I'm going to be so late for school.  I think to myself "Why do I think that?"  Well, because my class starts at 8:00am!  That's the time I arrive at the school.  I run with all my life, but oh no!  I have to go up the stairs because my class is on the third floor!  At 8:05am, I am in front of the door.  I am not allowed to be later than that.  I knock on the door.  "At this time?!" my teacher says - again.


I started rowing two years ago, and I like it so much.  I train every day to be a good athlete.  I have many friends who train too; so, I want to go train.

When I train on a still lake, I'm so happy and relaxed because when you move the oars, the boat goes fast.  Without waves, I am at one with the lake.

I train on the lake of Como 3 times a week, 2 hours each time.  Sometimes, I train on the rowing machine.  I hate this because we do it when it rains, and it is boring.  The machine also makes an ugly sound!