Friday, March 27, 2020

The Influence of Rock Stars on Us

Today, young people are strongly influenced by rock stars.  They follow the behavior, clothes and beliefs of their favorite rockers without much thought.  If you ask a fan why he or she painted his or her room black, he or she will probably tell you something like "Because I love rock!  And black is a rock color!"  Or why he or she has piercings, he or she would tell you "Because I am a rocker, and rockers have piercings!"

Young people like to dress like their favorite rock stars.  It's common to see them wearing ripped clothes or T-shirts with the name of a band.  Another thing is that all their clothes are black, blue, violet or gray.  Their clothes are really informal too.  Only a T-shirt, jeans and boots.  That's all.  They also have black lipstick or black nail polish.  You can't forget the piercings.  They have a lot of them.

The rock stars influence the behavior of the young people too.  There are two different types of fans, and they are very different from each other.  On the one hand, there are the excited, loud and screaming fans who look like they can run a marathon without sweating.  On the other hand, there are the sad, depressed and lonely fans who look like vampires.

There are a lot of types of fans like there are a lot of types of music.  The fans of rock, however, stand out from the crowd.

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