Saturday, June 22, 2019

Some Thoughts on Food

I think that the food in New York is a lot different from the food in Italy.  First of all, in Italy there aren't as many variety of restaurants as there are here.  I think that also in Italy, you can eat healthier because they don't use as much sauce and the quantity is about half of the American one.

I was very surprised at the pizza restaurants here in New York.  The menu always says that the pizza is just like the Italian one, but I think they're just saying it to attract more people.

I was also surprised by the huge number of Chinese restaurants.  There are about five of them in only one block!

As a conclusion, I would say that both types of food are really good, and I think it's good to sometimes try new things.


New York City is a huge city where the number of immigrants and so the kinds of food they brought to it is unbelievable.  Like in Paris.

In Paris, like in New York, there are a lot of restaurants and different kinds of food like Chinese food, Japanese food and Italian food.  These two cities are the gastronomical capitals of the world.  Therefore, there are luxury restaurants but also restaurants that are less expensive like Five Guys and Toasties in New York and Tunisian restaurants in Paris.

Differences in the food between these two cities arise from the immigrant groups that live in these cities.  In Paris, many immigrants are from North Africa, China and Portugal.  In the suburbs, there is an area called St. Denis.  Its international market is very famous because we can find everything from all over the world like Portuguese food, Tunisian food, Algerian food or Turkish food.  A specialty of this place and many restaurants in Paris and its suburbs is a sandwich called "kebob".  It's a sandwich composed of meat, tomato, lettuce and onion.  Generally, it's eaten with fries.  I love this sandwich because it's composed of basic ingredients but makes for an original meal.

In New York, there are immigrants from many places, and all kinds of food are from the different ethnic groups.  The pastrami and the bagel are from the Jewish population, and the hamburger is from Hamburg in Germany.  But sometimes, this food which has travelled a lot changed like the Chicago deep dish pizza.  The best food that I have eaten in New York is soul food which is from the south of the USA.  It's composed of fried chicken, corn bread and waffles.

One big difference between the food in New York and the food in Paris is portion size.  Portions are bigger in New York and generally in the USA.  For example, the deep dish pizza at Uno's Pizzeria can feed more than 5 people!

So, the food in Paris and the food in New York are similar and yet different.

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